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Reading Kickboxing Fitness Classes

Melt Calories. Get Fit. Have FUN! That's What Our Classes Are All About!

Protect Yourself and get in Great Shape with KickFit Reading Kickboxing!

If you're searching for a NEW-AGE self-defence workout done in a fun, safe and comfortable atmosphere, look no further! At KickFit Reading Martial Arts, you'll enjoy a superior Thai Kickboxing programme that uses a variety of skills, weapons and fast-paced sparing drills to elevate your fitness and give you the confidence to protect yourself.

Using Thai boxing pads and extreme cardio drills, you'll experience a TOTAL fitness package that combines strength, endurance, flexibility, mental conditioning and practical self-defence skills.

KickFit Reading Kickboxing instructors always maintain a safe training environment with an emphasis on ôpartnersö rather than ôopponentsö. Our training methods are geared to the physical and mental abilities of each student, so you won't feel awkward or get hurt.

Get Ready to Bring Out Your Best with Reading Kickboxing!

If you're ready to build strength, endurance, muscle tone, and mental alertness; plus, gain confidence by knowing how to protect yourself, find out more! Whether you exercise regularly or are completely out of shape, this practical Kickboxing fitness workout will deliver the RESULTS you want!

To learn more about our Kickboxing programme, simply fill in the Request Information form on your right, and you'll receive information by email.

Benefits of Reading kickboxing fitness

  • Tone and condition your ENTIRE body
  • Develop timing, balance and coordination
  • Gain power, speed, agility and flexibility
  • Acquire practical self-defence skills
  • Gain mental clarity and focus
  • Plus, lose weight and feel great
  • Build self-confidence and self discipline