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  • Encoragement, You can do it

    Encoragement, You can do it

    Sometimes a little encouragement can be just what you need to keep going. Martial arts training requires your dedication to persevere even when you don't think you can continue on, or maybe a challenging life event seems to want to stop you attending class regularly. 1: The first step is to recognise that it's a challenging time for you. 2: Next, set a schedule to guard your training time. Don't let anything get in the way. Remember this is "you" time. You are a better person after each workout, physically and mentally. 3: Remind yourself of previous challenges you have overcome. Know that "motivation follows action" I am reminded of a quote by Arnold Schwarzenegger; ....

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  • Resistance Makes Us Stronger

    Resistance Makes Us Stronger

    Black Belt Champions and High-Achievers would never become great without the benefit of resistance. None of the greatest Masters or Sensei’s in the Martial Arts would become as powerful as they have without the benefit of resistance. Motivational Speaker and Best Selling Author, Zig Ziglar, teaches "We should always be grateful for our problems." The reality is, the challenges we face every day, really do make us stronger. If everything in life came easy, everyone would be an instant Black Belt. In the real world, the people that solve the most complex problems, are worth the most value in society. In the Martial Arts, in school, at work, in business, we usually learn the ....

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  • The Essence of Black Belt

    The Essence of Black Belt

    The memory of earning your Black Belt will last a lifetime. This martial arts honour signifies your personal growth, improved fitness and the ability to stick to a goal and not give up, no matter the challenges you face. Here are some thoughts on earning their Black Belt from a selection of students "Sometimes it can be difficult to find the energy to go to class after school, but it is always fine when I arrive. The low points during training are the frustrations when I get a from wrong. I know that if I do the form slowly and practice it, I can do better." MG "At first, I felt excited to train for martial arts because I needed it most. During green belt, I felt depressed ....

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  • Beginner Classes Now Enrolling

    Beginner Classes Now Enrolling

    Our program focuses on fitness, safety and self-defence, and provides a safe, positive, and respectful environment to learn new techniques and overcome kids' fears and challenges. We're Equipping Students with Lifelong Tools Students in our program develop skills that last a lifetime, from leading a class and helping new students to overcoming challenges in the classroom. Our programme is designed to teach kids the lessons of handwork, leadership, and perseverance. ....

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  • Help Your Child Make Better Choices

    Help Your Child Make Better Choices

    Back to school, means back to a regular routine.
    This can mean some "testing of the boundaries" by your child. Here's a few tips that KickFit instructors use with students ages 6 to 9 years. While you don’t want to have long drawn-out conversations that shame your child for misbehaving, brief chats about how to make better choices can be instrumental in helping your child learn. Your child will be looking to you to learn how to deal with his emotions and difficult social situations so it’s important to stay calm when you’re communicating. Here are some strategies that communication tips that can help with your discipline plan: Problem-solve together:
    When your ....

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  • Easter Bank Holiday Closure

    Easter Bank Holiday Closure

    Easter Bank Holiday close dates. Please make-up any missed classes over the next 3 weeks. Next week we have extra Junior and Little Champion morning classes at KickFit HQ. Sign-up to take part. All evening classes will be running during school Easter holidays. 🥋 ⛩ 💪 ....

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  • World Book Day 7th March

    World Book Day 7th March

    This week is World Book Day on Thursday. Kyoshi wanted me to remind you of the importance of reading. As you know, reading early helps you build independence and self-confidence. It opens up a whole new world of understanding and comprehension. Reading helps you make more sense of the world around you too. I want to encourage you to read a little and often to get your imagination going and increase your vocabulary. Don't forget to complete your "Readers are Leaders" badge form too. Here’s your instructor favourites. Renshi Howton: The Gruffalo I like how its shows that even a tiny mouse can be brave and out whit big and stronger animals just to carry on with his journey and ....

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  • Motivation Follows Action

    Motivation Follows Action

    Motivation Follows Action “There are always times when you won’t feel like exercising and turning up for class. To combat this, tell as many people during the day that you are going to class. You know they will ask you how it went tomorrow, so you are more likely to attend class” By acting and working through that temporary down feeling, you will increase your motivation and readiness to get to class.” ....

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  • End of Year and Restart Dates

    End of Year and Restart Dates

    Christmas Holidays Dates for Instructor Rest & Recharge We will be unable to return your call or enquiry during Coley: last class 21/12 return 4/1 Langley: last class 20/12 return 3/1 Reading: last class 20/12 return 3/1 Slough: morning class 21/12 return 3/1 Wimbledon: last class 19/12 return 7/1 Thank you for your support During 2018 ....

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  • December 2018 Event Calendar

    December 2018 Event Calendar

    Event Calendar for December 2018 Join us for our premier event of the year: Black Belt Graduation on Saturday 8th December at 2:15pm. Be part of the audience to witness promotion of our 2018 candidates to Black Belt and high Dan Rank by Kyoshi and the Senior Instructor Team ....

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